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My Open Data Challenge to UK Local Government: a Wikipedia Page for Every Council

July 16, 2010

This post has been moved to open-data-local-government-challenge-wikipedia-page-for-every-uk-council. Sorry, but won’t let me set an automatic redirect.

When writing about the web, links are required

July 11, 2010

Today’s Telegraph has an interesting article about MPs (and their agents) allegedly bowdlerising articles about themselves on Wikipedia.

What it doesn’t have, though, are links to any of the articles, let alone to the edits under discussion (such as this edit).

The Telegraph needs to understand that the word “Web” in World Wide Web refers to the interlinking of articles on different sites.

Adding links to the articles and edits discussed would serve at least two purposes. It would provide evidence to support the allegations the paper is making; and it would be a convenience and a courtesy their readers.

Lists in Microformats: Suggested Optimisation

May 27, 2010

Based on my extensive experience of applying microformats to templates in Wikipedia (and other MediaWiki installations) I’ve come to the following conclusion…

For attributes which can occur more than once (such as nickname or category in hCard), lists having, or in container having, that property should be parsed as lists of individual instances of that property.

For example:

<div class="category">


<ul class="category">

should be treated as equivalent to:

<li class="category">ornithologist</li>
<li class="category">driver</li>
<li class="category">gardener</li>


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