Suggested method of publishing microformats in Twitter posts

Twitter posts like this one:

We’re still deep in the Sundarbans, near Tambulbunia, meeting experts on dolphins and tigers. l:Tambulbunia, Bangladesh=22.27722,89.71905

have a place- name and corresponding coordinates (indicated by the prefix “l:”). This has allowed them to be plotted on a map.

It should be possible for the poster to send, say:

We’re still deep in the Sundarbans, near Tambulbunia, meeting experts on dolphins and tigers. #hcard: fn+locality:Tambulbunia: country-name:Bangladesh: geo:22.27722,89.71905

using colons as delimiters and have Twitter render that comment marked up as an hCard.

In the short term, this could be achieved by a third-party site, like #hashtags .

UPDATE:  being more mindful of the 140 character limit than I have in the above example, perhaps class names might be abbreviated (“loc” for “locality”, “ctry” for “country-name”, and so on).


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5 Responses to “Suggested method of publishing microformats in Twitter posts”

  1. Teketen Says:

    We are doing that in At we are using twitter with nanoformats ( to parse it like hCalendar microformat. At we are doing the same with hListing. At the index we are using hAtom.

    If you are interested consider your contribution in the wiki. Nanoformat extractor php class is ready to launch (GPL). If you are interested I can send you a copy to try it.

  2. Frances Berriman Says:

    Interesting idea. Almost a micro/picoformat crossover?

    I noticed Brian adding location to his twitter profile with @long;lat, although I realise @ is reserved in twitter notation for nick linking.

  3. pigsonthewing Says:

    UPDATE: Looking at the hCard cheatsheet, it should be possible to abbreviate all the necessary hCard attributes to two letters, and still keep those abbreviations, meaningful e.g fn=fn (!), family-name=fa, adr=ad, latitude=”la” and so on.

  4. Syntaxe Twitter « LocalLab : Foire aux Infos Says:

    […] Une méthode suggérée pour publier des microformats dans les billets Twitter […]

  5. pigsonthewing Says:

    Further discussion at

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