Who do you work for, again?

I can add a person to Microsoft Outlook as “Bloggs, Fred (Acme Ltd.)”, or “Acme Ltd. (Bloggs, Fred)”. These sync to my Nokia N95’s address book , or can be entered directly, as:

First name = Fred

Last name = Bloggs

Company = Acme Inc.

The vCard (i.e. industry standard for business-card type contact data) and hCard specifications both cater for company (or organisation) names.

So why, in the name of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (may his noodly appendages grace you), can I not find them, when I search my address book for “Acme Inc.”?!?

And why can I not search for people by nickname?

Nokia needs to fix this, and soon.


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  1. simon gray Says:

    what i’d like to see would be for the phone to be able to synchronise with the google suite – contacts, calendar, notes & documents etc, so i could get rid of outlook entirely.

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